Fury after wild boar shot dead

By Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Review in Local People

A RESIDENT in a Forest town has taken to social media to vent her disgust after claims a wild boar roaming a town centre was shot dead.

Coleford mother-of-one Miss Williams, who says her daughter witnessed the incident, told the Review: “Never ever have I been so angry in my life. I woke up last Tuesday morning and saw a police car and the Forestry Commission outside. A boar was having a walk around Coleford, but rather than dart it and put it safely back in the woods the Forestry shot it.”

The Forestry Commission says its ranger, under police instruction, shot the boar silently and loaded the carcass onto his van and removed it accordingly.

A spokesperson said: “Police were concerned it would get on the road and perhaps cause a traffic accident. 

“When our wildlife ranger arrived the boar had been ushered into a small courtyard off the road. Under police instruction he shot the boar silently and loaded the carcass onto his van and removed it from site.

“Our staff do not have access to other means with dealing with this scenario.”

Facebook users were quick to support the woman who argues Scott Passmore, of A Wild Life with Animals, an animal rescue charity, could have helped had he been contacted.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Police said: “A wild boar was contained in a garden in Bank Street at around 6.20am on May 10. The forestry ranger attended the property and had to put down the animal. Coaxing the animal to woodland was not an option and was unsafe. The animal was put down in the most humane way possible.”

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