One man and his dog v five boar

By Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Review in Local People

A FOREST man said he had an hour-long ‘stand-off’ with five wild boar as he walked his dog.

Drybrook man Scott Worgan was walking his eight-month-old dog, Forest, in woodland near Brierley garage when he says he was cornered by five wild boars.

“I just froze,” he said. “I was walking back to the car alone with my dog when unknowingly he must have spooked a boar lurking in the ferns. Before I knew it five appeared and wouldn’t move.

“I ran down a track, fell over in the ruts, and managed to get around a bend in the hope they would disappear. I put Forest on his lead and, after 10 minutes, started to walk back up towards where they were. There was no sign of them until I got to the car and they just stood looking at me and wouldn’t move.

“I just stood there looking at them for about half an hour. It was starting to get dark and I knew I had no choice but to try and scare them off so waved a massive stick at them and they chased us again down a track.

“Luckily they went into the ferns and that’s when I made my dash to the car, jumped in and as I looked back I noticed they were standing in the middle of the track staring at me.

“It took me an hour to get into my car in the end – it was a stand-off to say the least.”

The father-of-two ad­ded: “When I finally got home – just after 9.30pm – my wife questioned why I was out so long. She couldn’t believe what had happened. I dread to think what would have happened had I had my five-year-old son out with me. He would have certainly struggled to out run the boar and as for my wife, who would have been pushing a pram, she wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“I fear as summer holidays are coming up more people could be attacked.”

The Review asked the Forestry Commission if they had any measures in place to prevent this from happening again and if they could put walkers’ minds at rest. In addition we wanted an update on the progress of the boar cull across the Forest of Dean. They failed to comment before the Review went to press.

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Forester · 370 days ago · Report

So he wasn't attacked, but when he ran at them with a large stick they ran towards him and he panicked? Brilliant. You're in a forest mate. With a young dog. Maybe keep the dog on its lead?

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