‘You’re going to kill off the sheep’

By Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Review in Local People

FOREST of Dean commoners are fighting back in the battle to keep alive the right to free-grazing for sheep. Accusing the district council of “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut,” they say the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order could ultimately end the tradition.

The order is being considered by local councillors for the village of Bream.

However, members of the Commoners Association say they believe there are other means to address the problems of straying sheep in the village. They claim that by introducing blanket legislation they could end sheep commoning.

Accompanied by members and friends, around 30 commoners joined the Association’s secretary Mick Holder when he presented a letter to Cllr Terry Hale, the district council’s cabinet member with special responsibility for the area.

The commoners offer to work with Cllr Hale and the Forestry Commission to put into action other ways of tackling what they believe to be a “relatively minor problem.”

Mr Holder said: “The problems in Bream seem to relate to one badger who is not a member of the Association. There are other ways to tackle this problem but the task group decision to recommend banning sheep is very extreme and sets a dangerous precedent.

“Sheep have been here for centuries yet the council seem intent on ending the tradition. A few councillors seem to want to stir things up instead of trying to solve problems.

“I have had lots of calls for support from everywhere, and I want to put to rest any misconception that this is old Foresters clashing with newcomers to the area. We have had lots of support from people who have come to live here recently and welcome the presence of the sheep.”

He added that commoners needed the support of the council to preserve and support the tradition. It was, he said, disappointing they had done nothing to help.

•The number of sheep in the Forest is said to be around a third of the level of that before the Foot and Mouth epidemic of 2001.

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Jude March · 371 days ago · Report

We purchased our house because of the sheep and ALL OTHER wildlife. The sheep slow down the traffic where I live, from early spring a lot of visitors walk/drive around taking photos of the lambs. These visitors then go on to purchase from local shops and public houses all of which add to our economy. Sheep keep the verges, hedgerows down. The Forest of Dean is unique and its customs need to be treated more respectfully. DONT buy a house and then expect to change the habitat around you.

jacky · 376 days ago · Report

I'm an incomer and I have sheep right outside my gate, despite living in a village. But for me it's part of living here, and if we don't have sheep we'll have more deer and - more worryingly - more forest fires too, because the sheep keep the thrash down in the woods. There are bad commoners who don't care for their sheep properly but there are better ways of dealing with them.

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