Review wings in on parrot search

By Mark Elson in Local People

A MISSING parrot which flew away has been reunited with its owners after a Review appeal helped track him down seven miles away.

African grey Leo was found in a Coughton garden near Walford Primary School two days after making off from his English Bicknor home.

And delighted Graham and Dawn Williams will now be keeping their eyes on any more flights of fancy by their ‘naughty boy’, who was left tired and hungry by his exploits last week.

The two-year-old bird hopped off Graham’s shoulder and flew out of the side door at lunchtime on Tuesday, April 4, prompting a plea by the retired couple on the Review website and Facebook page to try and track him down.

A grateful Graham said: “We’re so happy he’s home again, and thanks for all your readers’ efforts in trying to find him.

“We put posters up and I was getting up at 5am and walking for miles calling and whistling to him in the fields and woods, but no sign.

“Then we had a phone call last Thursday afternoon (April 6) that a 90-year-old lady had found him on the bird table of her garden seven miles away and he was now with a vet in Ross.

“The lady and her neighbour gave him some grapes, but he was exhausted, so he was taken for a check up and they tracked us down through the online appeal.

“We had to take his ID certificate to the vets and couldn’t see him until it had all been approved, but we were then delighted to be reunited with him.

“He looked very tired and was quiet for a couple of days. I think the big wide world was a bit of a shock for him, but he’s happy again now. And hopefully, he’s learnt his lesson about flying off and will be staying at home in future, where he can fly around the house and in his aviary on the back of the house.

“We offered a £50 reward for Leo’s return and the finders didn’t want it, but we gave it to them anyway, as we’re really happy to get Leo back.”

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