Police hunt caravan park yob for prison return

By Mark Elson in Local People

POLICE are hunting a man who was jailed for "terrorising" elderly caravan park residents and has now breached his prison release licence.

Marc Smith, 38, was jailed for eight months at the end of March after harassing elderly residents at Monmouth’s Riverside Park, but was released just four weeks later on April 28.

Newport Crown Court heard that while living near the residential Wyeside park in a derelict factory, he had terrified pensioners by lighting fires around the site and had verbally threatened them.

He had also chased children through Chippenham playing fields and the town centre, making threats and throwing stones and sticks.

Smith was banned for five years last October from Hadnock Road Industrial Estate where he slept, the caravan park and Chippenham, and was jailed for 56 days for breaching anti-social restraining orders.

Newport magistrates heard that police and the fire service had received multiple calls complaining about his behaviour over a three-month period.

But Smith breached his Criminal Behaviour Order on three separate occasions in November and was back in court again in March, where a judge heard that he had continued to terrorise elderly residents.

Monmouth-based officer PC Chris Butt said at the time of his sentence: "He is generally anti-social in his nature and displays himself as an aggressive and argumentative individual."

Gwent Police are now appealing for information to locate Smith and return him to prison for breaching his licence conditions. They did not say what the breaches entailed.

Anyone with information about Smith’s whereabouts should call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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