Police snare alert

By Mark Elson in Local People

DOG owners and walkers have been warned to look out for illegal snares after a pet was trapped in one during a woodland stroll.

Police in the Forest of Dean are hunting the person responsible and urging people to be extra vigilant after a woman’s dog was snared in Staple Edge Woods near Soudley.

Police say the homemade concealed trap was probably set to catch wild boar, but have warned that it could have killed the dog or caused serious injury to a child.

The incident happened around 10am on Tuesday, May 30, when the pet got its head caught in the trap, which was tied to a tree and hidden in undergrowth. 

Fortunately, the owner was able to release the dog before too much harm was caused.

The snare had a metal noose and a rope which attached it to the tree.

It is illegal to set such a snare under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and carries a fine of up to £5,000 for anyone convicted of the offence.

PC Cath McDay, Rural Environmental Crime Liaison Officer in the Forest of Dean, said: “The trap is known as a dual purpose self-locking snare and I believe it was set up for boar.

“The rope was tied to a tree with the metal noose propped up and open, so the dog ran straight into causing it to tighten immediately.

“Luckily the owner was nearby and released the dog, but it could have been much more serious, strangling the dog or even having a child run into it.

“I would urge other people walking in woods to be very careful and to keep an eye on their dogs.

“I would also ask them to report any other snares they find, or any information which would help us find the people responsible.”

Anyone with information should call Gloucestershire Police on 101.

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