A leap in the dark

By Mark Elson in Local People

TACKLING a 400ft bungee jump would give most people pause for thought, but for Amy Creed from Berry Hill there’s another factor to consider: Amy is registered blind.

Amy, 33, is attempting the jump at Chepstow Diving Centre to raise money for Forest Sensory Services (FSS) as she says approaching the charity soon after her eye sight deteriorated around seven years ago was one of the best decisions of her life.

Jackie Frost, centre coordinator for FSS, said: “Not only is this the UK’s biggest bungee jump but the fear is multiplied because Amy has very little sight and will have no idea of where she is or what is happening.”

Amy added: “I have been supporting FSS for many years as both a volunteer and a client. Every year, I like to push the boundaries to raise money for them. I have a visual impairment which makes people think twice about what I can do. I’m here to prove them wrong.

“Last year I successfully completed a 700 metre zip wire and an ice bucket challenge – in November.

“I will be lifted up to 400ft by crane over a flooded quarry. I will be falling at speeds of over 100 miles per hour before bouncing a quarter of the way back up again.

“Shortly after my 24th birthday my eyesight started deteriorating. This meant a loss of confidence in my ability to work and get around. With the support of FSS, my confidence has gradually returned and I now use public transport, work in a local charity shop and take myself to the local swimming pool unaided.

“The hope is that we will raise £1,000 towards next year’s running costs to provide services and activities for those with sensory loss within the Forest of Dean.”

Amy’s bungee jump takes place on Saturday, July 29. To sponsor her, visit www.mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/forestsensoryservices

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