Community litter picking, "wombling", "binfluencer" Sandra Brown has slammed the litter left around Ross, as well as hitting out at the packaging of disposable vapes which she suggests are marketed towards children.

On her morning dog walk on the of June 29 - an initiative she typically uses to gather litter, known as "Paws on Plastic" - Ms Brown encountered another discarded LostMary vape. This adds to the ongoing problem of littered cigarette butts on the streets. Sandra contended that despite claims that vapes aren't targeted at a younger audience, the packaging suggests the opposite.

Newly elected Ross Town Councillor Valerie Coker commented: "That is not good - particularly as there are now questions being asked about how many children are using vapes and doubts about the safety. They were only meant as an aid to helping people stop smoking - not to make addicts of children!"

In addition to the common sight of cigarette butts, Ms Brown also discovered more litter in the vicinity of the Co-op and a discarded Monster Energy drink can. All the collected rubbish was responsibly dealt with for recycling. Ms Brown's proactive involvement in the community continues to underscore the significance of maintaining our local environment clean while also drawing attention to the broader issue of waste management and consumer habits.