A TOWN’S pigeons could be trapped and culled after residents told councillors they were fed up with hundreds of them covering pavements in droppings.

The birds, which breed and roost in the Wilton Road cliff wall opposite the Man of Ross pub in Ross-on-Wye, were making the streets “disgusting” and “dangerous”, householders told a meeting of the town council.

One resident has offered cash to help with the problem, while a letter signed by 50 residents called for action.

Cllr Chris Bartrum said: “We could say it is nothing to do with us, but the people of Wye Street have had enough.”

Offering to pay towards solving the problem, resident Geoff Lodge said the town’s 500 pigeons were a health risk leaving the gateway street in a “disgraceful state.”

A meeting of the full council on November 12, heard that restaurants and pubs reported losing trade from the problem.

Herefordshire Council’s pest control department had made several proposals, including netting the cliff face, blocking nesting holes with chicken wire, and trapping and culling breeding birds, it was revealed, although it felt culling would not work.

Some action may only move the problem to another part of the town, councillors were warned. The council agreed to consider blocking holes and trapping birds and, accepting Mr Lodge’s offer of funding, pledged £2,000 towards pest control in next year’s budget.