Sir Bill Wiggin, the Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, has criticized the government’s decision to house asylum seekers in the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford.

In response to the announcement, Sir Bill has called for the removal of the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office and has urged the government to pass new laws to swiftly detain and remove illegal migrants.

Sir Bill believes that the government’s decision to fill hotels with illegal migrants is encouraging extreme right-wing groups and putting police officers at risk.

He is concerned that criminals and people traffickers are exploiting illegal immigrants, exposing them to horrible violence.

Despite the government’s promise to pass new laws, Sir Bill notes that a Bill has not yet been brought before the Commons.

He has recently met with the Prime Minister and knows that stopping the boats is the government’s number one priority.

In the meantime, Sir Bill has expressed his full support for the government’s efforts to address illegal immigration.

However, he is concerned that genuine asylum seekers are being let down and hopes that the government will take action to address their needs as well.