PLANS have been put forward to replace a former nursery and spa in a scenic Wye Valley spot with eight “eco-homes”.

Manchester-registered Dwell Ahead Ltd has applied to Herefordshire Council to redevelop the 1.6-hectare sloping site near the River Wye at Kerne Bridge.

All the existing structures at the former CATS children’s nursery, latterly the Wye Valley Spa, would be demolished under the plan, writes Gavin McEwan.

The five four-bedroom and three three-bedroom detached houses would then be for market sale.

The existing access onto Leys Hill Road would be retained, with the increase in trips in and out “immaterial” compared with the current use, the application says.

The pitched roofs would have solar panels on the south side, while inside the houses would incorporate “the highest possible energy and water conservation measures”.

Lower parts of the two- and three-storey homes would be partially hidden to minimise their visual impact on the area, within the Wye Valley area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

Semi-mature oaks in the grounds would be kept, and their would be further planting of native trees.

The site already has permission for five “executive homes”, which together would have a larger footprint than the eight now proposed, the application adds.

Comments on the application, numbered 233268, can be made until December 6.