This 6th September marks a poignant 30-year anniversary of the tragic fire at the former 'Sun Valley' factory in Hereford, where two brave firefighters, David Morris and John Davies, lost their lives in what is remembered as one of the city's most devastating fires.

The fire, which began in a unit used for defrosting meat, saw a staggering 130 firefighters and 23 pumping appliances at its peak. The factory's insulation panels allowed smoke and flames to spread undetected through the roof space, leading to collapsing ceilings. Among the first responders were John Davies, a 34-year-old retained firefighter from Leominster, and David Morris, a dedicated full-time firefighter with 11 years of service, both of whom tragically did not make it out.

To honour their memory, Hereford Fire Station crews will be holding a parade at the St Owen Street fire station at precisely 11:44 on Wednesday, the exact time the fire call was received three decades ago. Later in the day, at 3 pm, a memorial parade will take place at the Lady Arbour Gardens at Hereford Cathedral. Dignitaries, including the mayors of Leominster and Hereford, the chairman and vice-chairman of Hereford & Worcester Fire Authority, and the Chief Fire Officer, will be in attendance. A wreath will be laid at the memorial plaque in honour of the fallen heroes.

The commemoration will also be attended by close family members of David Morris and John Davies, as well as members of the crews who were present at the tragic incident in 1993. The event serves as a sombre reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve and protect our communities.