THE name of Britain's newest steam train was revealed earlier today (Friday, April 28) in an unveiling ceremony at the Perrygrove Railway in Coleford.

While "Mr Hallworth" will spend his life in the Forest of Dean, he was built in Darlington, County Durham and has strong Cornish connections.

Unveiling the name, alongside son Tom, Perrygrove's managing director David Nelson-Brown explained the narrow gauge engine has been named in honour of the late Tony Hallworth who was a central figure with the Bodmin and Wenford Railway in Cornwall and a well-known figure in the heritage rail community.

Mr Nelson-Brown said: "I'm heavily involved in the Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway in Cornwall. I learnt pretty much what I know about railways from a few key people in the railway in Cornwall and, in particular there are a few key people but one stands out for me and many others.

"Our engine is dedicated to the memory of a late friend who nurtured a generation of people who are now looking after railways."

The engine is first new addition to the fleet at the railway in 14 years and is the only one that is owned by Perrygrove.

Mr Nelson-said: "It was built in Darlington by North Bay Engineering Services and we are very pleased with the work they’ve done. "We’ve been heavily involved in the design of it. It is a brand new engine to a brand new design and it’s completely different to anything that has been built by them or for this railway before.

"We like to think we have taken the best bits from our existing engines and crafted them into something new. "

"We placed the order in July 2021 and anyone who has worked with me knows I am quite impatient."

He said the £120,000 cost of the new engine was "a significant investment for the railway" – and he thanked wife Katherine for agreeing to it.

"I spent quite a lot of money on this she’d have much rather I had spent it on horses probably, a new stable roof wouldn’t to amiss."

"This is a really big deal to me and she has been really supportive all the way through."

Mayor of Coleford Nick Penny, who was also at the railway's 25th anniversary last year, paid tribute to the team at Perrygrove.

He said: "It is always a pleasure to come and work with Katherine, David and the wider team because this amazing family make Perrygrove the amazing attraction it is."

The new engine will be on display at Perrygrove's Bank Holiday gala which will see vintage tractors and traction engines alongside a wide range of passenger and freight trains.

Mr Nelson-Brown told the guests at the launch: "Unfortunately it is not actually finished and it is not going to run. You will have to come back in August when it does actually work.

"When its in the shed, surrounded by the other engines, it looks quite at home."