Petrol prices are on the way up again and residents are angry. After a period of high petrol prices at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict last year, prices are yet to return to their pre-conflict prices. Whilst they’re not as high as they were at their worst, people have noticed the costs creeping up again, amidst continued profits from the big oil companies.

Despite not reaching their peak levels, the gradual increase in costs, juxtaposed with the continued profits of major oil companies, has left many feeling exploited.

Neil Robinson, a local resident, has voiced his concerns in an open letter to Morrisons, questioning their pricing strategy. He highlighted that on 23rd August 2023, the price at the Ross on Wye store was a staggering 151.9p per litre, an alarming difference when compared to the diesel price at ASDA in Hereford. Robinson’s letter emphasises the moral duty of large companies to society and criticises Morrisons for seemingly prioritising profits over the welfare of its customers.

Similarly, in Monmouth, former mayor Anthea Dewhurst expressed her dismay at the exorbitant fuel prices at Overmonnow Garage, the town’s only fuel forecourt. In her letter, she pointed out the price disparity of at least 10p per litre compared to other stations, including other Shell outlets. Dewhurst’s concerns extend beyond just the cost, highlighting the broader economic impact on Monmouth, as residents opt to refuel and shop in towns further afield to avoid the high costs.

Recent data from PetrolPrices has shed light on the current fuel landscape around Ross-on-Wye. Gulf Mitcheldean (Mitcheldean Fuel Express Automat) emerges as the most competitive, offering fuel at 148.7p per litre. Applegreen Cinderford (Applegreen Abbotswood) and Murco Cinderford (Steam Mills Garage) follow closely, with prices at 148.8p and 148.9p per litre respectively.

Other notable stations include: Gulf Bishopswood (Bishopswood Garage) at 149.9p, updated on 22nd August; Gulf A40 (Lea Garage) also at 149.9p, updated on 20th August by user little_dormo; BP Drybrook (Brierley Service Station) priced at 150.9p, updated on 23rd August.

Morrisons Ross-on-Wye, a focal point of the ongoing gripes, charges 151.9p per litre, matching the price at BP Ross-on-Wye (Wilton Garage).

Further afield, Applegreen Ross-on-Wye (Daff-y-Nant Services South) is priced at 154.8p, while A40 Symonds Yat MFG Service Area Eastbound is the priciest option at 157.9p.

For those seeking competitive rates, Hereford appears promising, with Sainsbury’s offering fuel at 142.9p per litre and ASDA at 144.7p. Cwmbran Sainsbury’s and the Sainsbury’s in Barnwood, Gloucester, also offer competitive rates at 140.9p and 143.9p respectively. Residents are encouraged to utilise resources like to stay informed and ensure they receive the best value.