In a spirited bid to support a local charity, the renowned Eagle pub on Broad Street is once again hosting a fundraiser for St Michael’s Hospice, led by the ever-dedicated Julie Barnes.

Ms Barnes, a stalwart supporter of the hospice, has a history of success with her fundraising soirees, having already raised a remarkable total of £18,000 over the years. This year’s event, set to take place on the evening of May 27, promises to be just as impactful.

Highlighting the evening’s attractions is a grand prize draw boasting an impressive 40 prizes. Prizes range from a £30 Aldi voucher and a £30 Spar voucher, to an array of kitchen gadgets including a slow cooker, a professional grade chip fryer, and a rice maker.

As patrons gather to support a worthy cause, they will be serenaded by live music from Tequila Mockingbird, adding a lively soundtrack to the evening’s events.

St Michael’s Hospice offers a diverse array of care and services, from inpatient care and Hospice at Home day services to bereavement support and a 24-hour advice line. The funds raised from this event, like those before it, will help ensure the continued provision of these invaluable services to the local community.

It’s more than just a night out at the Eagle pub, it’s an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the community.