Year 7 student from John Kyrle High School, Jacob Lee, has shared his passion for an unusual pastime, blacksmithing. This young artisan has already spent a year honing his skills in this age-old craft and aspires to turn this hobby into a future profession.

Blacksmithing is a rare interest for a student of Jacob's age, marking him as a young man of unique drive and focus. Over the past year, Jacob has spent countless hours mastering the craft, demonstrating a level of dedication that bodes well for his future aspirations.

Highlighting his zeal further, Jacob has created his own website, Although still a work in progress, this website offers insights into his love for blacksmithing and his journey in the craft so far.

Jacob invites anyone who wishes to learn more about his fascinating hobby to visit his website. His enthusiasm for sharing knowledge about blacksmithing is just as remarkable as his passion for learning and mastering the skill itself.

This story serves as an inspiration for others, reminding us that passions can be found in the most unique places, and it's never too early to start working towards a future career. John Kyrle High School can certainly be proud of such an innovative and determined young student.