Spring Gate Nursery School has been rated as 'Good' in all areas of evaluation. This commendable rating mirrors the school's previous inspection outcome, showcasing its consistent dedication to quality education. Spring Gate is located at Brampton Abbotts C of E Primary School on Brampton Road, Ross-on-Wye.

Children attending the nursery are provided with a stimulating environment, both indoors and outdoors, promoting all areas of learning. The staff, known for their meticulous planning, ensure that every child can access all areas of their environment. This approach has seen children making significant progress in their development. Notably, children are seen engaging in a variety of sensory activities, from sand and water play to painting. Older attendees have been observed assigning meanings to their creations, such as identifying facial features in their artwork.

The nurturing environment of the nursery is evident as children appear happy, settled, and actively seek out staff throughout the day. The staff's dedication is evident in their attentive care, fostering positive relationships with the children. Their commitment to safety is also commendable, with regular reminders to children about the rules and safe equipment usage.

One of the highlights of the nursery's provision is its ambitious curriculum. The leadership team, driven by a vision for every child to transition seamlessly to the next stage of their learning, places a strong emphasis on personal development and communication skills. Their approach is bearing fruit, with children developing a love for books from a young age, thanks to the enthusiastic storytelling sessions by the staff.

However, while the nursery has achieved much to be proud of, there are areas identified for improvement. These include refining supervisions to elevate the quality of teaching to the highest possible level, ensuring learning outcomes are tailored for all children, and enhancing the consistency in managing children's behaviours.

Parents have voiced their appreciation for the progress they observe in their children, particularly in confidence and speech. The nursery's commitment to inclusivity is also noteworthy, with children being introduced to various festivals and celebrations, teaching them about their unique identities and similarities with others.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the children remains a top priority. The nursery's safeguarding measures are robust, with staff demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of various forms of abuse and the necessary actions to ensure children's safety.

Spring Gate Nursery School, which registered in 2010, offers 40 places and currently has 32 children on its roll. The nursery, which operates all year round, boasts a team of six childcare staff, five of whom hold appropriate early years qualifications.

The recent inspection, led by Inspector Louise Chinyuku, was the nursery's first since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic was discussed and taken into account during the evaluation. The inspection was carried out following a risk assessment based on information received about the nursery.