HOW The Other Half Loves is one of Alan Ayckbourn’s classic plays and was first performed at the Lyric Theatre in 1970, and was also performed at the Phoenix in 2005.

This is a brilliant comedy and features the lives of three couples all linked by the husbands working for the same company but at different points in their careers.

The senior couple – Frank and Fiona Foster – are played by Robin Haig and Alison Clarke.

The young couple – Bob and Teresa Phillips – are played by Tom Lee-Hynes and Lynne Casey whilst the remaining couple – William and Mary Featherstone – are played by Steve Banner and Amanda Barrett.

The play revolves around misunderstandings by Frank as to the reason his wife Fiona stayed out until two in the morning (“wheel in the flowerbed actually”).

Teresa is also put out by her husband Bob coming home late the same evening (“talking about work and other things”).

Both Fiona and Bob use the Featherstones as an alibi for their evenings out which leads to both Frank and Teresa inviting the Featherstones to dinner.

Whilst the dinners are held on different nights, the two dinners are acted out simultaneously on stage in a masterpiece of creative writing.

Find out whether Frank ever gets that screwdriver repaired, Bob gets something to eat other than a peanut butter sandwich, and how William wets his trousers, by visiting the Phoenix Theatre from Saturday November 19-Saturday, November 26.

Tickets are £10 (£8.50 on Monday 21st) and are available from the Phoenix Theatre website or Rossiter Books on 01989 564464.