The Bishopswood Pantomime Players, a passionate group of theatre enthusiasts, recently captivated local audiences with their enchanting biennial production of Rapunzel at the Bishopswood Village Hall. The talented troupe has been providing spring pantomimes for the past 13 years, both to entertain the community and raise much-needed funds for the village hall's day-to-day operation.

Written by renowned pantomime author Ben Crocker and based on the classic Brothers Grimm's story, this year's Rapunzel went beyond the traditional "bad witch" and "behind yous" while retaining all the elements that audiences love. Cleverly weaving in references to lockdown and border control amid the usual gags, the production was a hit with the local community and a shining example of the group's continuous evolution.

Led by founding producer/director David Emerson, the Bishopswood Pantomime Players left no stone unturned to deliver a truly professional performance. The team, comprising local actors, technicians, musicians, and engineers, built the stage from scratch, complete with a full lighting rig, curtains, sound system, and sets reminiscent of any professional auditorium.

Shane Carlson, who played the charismatic Dame Brunnhilde Blunderberg, captivated the audience with his skillful comic timing, playful interactions, and heart-warming enthusiasm. The stunning scenery, expertly designed and painted by David Bruce and his team, created a colorful and magical world for the pantomime, transporting the audience into a realm of fantasy and laughter.

In addition to top-notch lighting, music, and sound, the production featured witty costumes and ingenious props, all brought to life by a remarkably talented local cast. The rapport between the performers and the palpable joy they exuded during the show added a layer of warmth and connection that resonated with the audience.

The Rapunzel performance served as a defining cultural moment for Bishopswood, uniting the community through creative, chaotic joy that only a pantomime can offer. It showcased the incredible talents hidden within the local community and demonstrated the power of art in bringing people together.

The success of this year's show is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Bishopswood Pantomime Players, who have once again demonstrated the importance of the village hall as a precious and vital local resource. Their commitment to creating a magical experience for the audience, coupled with their passion for theatre, ensures that the Bishopswood Pantomime Players will continue to delight local audiences for years to come.