Fans of local celebrity Richard Hammond have reason to celebrate as he returns for the third series of “Richard Hammond’s Workshop.” The show, set in Rotherwas, Hereford, at the Smallest Cog, a classic car restoration business, begins streaming today on Discovery+.

Richard Hammond is seen driving to his business, which he calls “another day in the factory of dreams.” The venture is not without its challenges; accountant Kamala informs a disheartened Richard that a recent invoice has gone “double our budget.” Richard retorts, “If we’re going to exist at the top level, we need to have a bit of style, a bit of panache,” to which Kamala frustratingly replies, “We don’t have the finances to do that, Richard.”

The new series is not just about Richard. Viewers will also meet junior mechanic Isaac and office manager Sophie. The show will follow the team as they take on complex restoration projects, including a unique Delahaye sports car, originally built in 1947 for Grand Prix driver Louis Chiron.

The series promises to be eventful, as described in the synopses of the first three episodes. In the inaugural episode, the team faces challenges in restoring the unique Delahaye, balancing family commitments and business aspirations. Episode two sees the team participate in a classic car rally and take on a project to raise money for endangered leopards. The third episode dives into the future of motoring, featuring a classic Bentley run on synthetic fuel.

Richard Hammond’s Workshop is available to stream from October 23 on Discovery+.