Herefordshire is once again set to become a hub of creativity as the annual h.Art – Herefordshire Art Week – returns, showcasing a diverse range of arts and crafts. From 2nd to 10th September, the county will be adorned with everything from oil paintings and mosaics to pottery, crochet, and watercolours.

In Ross-on-Wye, art enthusiasts can explore six central venues, with additional locations in nearby villages. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Made in Ross (h.Art venue ref 58): Located upstairs at the iconic Market House, this gallery will display a plethora of arts and crafts from local talents, including Rosie Callinan, Chris Champness, and Eleanor Kercher.

  • St Mary’s Church (h.Art venue ref 59): Fifteen local artists, such as Sally Boehme and Romayne Curzon, will exhibit their diverse works. Visitors can also enjoy homemade refreshments in a cosy café setting.

  • Freshwater Mosaics (h.Art venue ref 56): Catherine Van Giap, a self-taught mosaic artist, will showcase her bespoke mosaic wall hangings and oil paintings, drawing inspiration from stained glass and vintage china.

  • Urchins Gallery (h.Art venue ref 57): Newly opened in Ross-on-Wye, artists Tara Slater and Julie Cannon will present their unique artworks, ranging from linoprints to watercolours.

  • Livinloom Home (h.Art venue ref 60): Gaby Devitt's showroom on Gloucester Road will feature handwoven fabric items, ceramics, felting, and more, with contributions from artists like Sharon Curtis and Karen Tacey.

  • Brunel Workshops (h.Art venue ref 61): Jewellery designer Ali Tregaskes and paper-cut artist Sharon Curtis will display their nature-inspired creations, from etched silver jewellery to vibrant printmaking.

This year's h.Art Week promises to be a testament to Herefordshire's rich artistic heritage and the county's commitment to promoting local talent. For a detailed itinerary and more information, visit h.Art's official website or contact the church office at 01989 562175.