Weston Under Penyard Folk Club, which was inaugurated in January this year, recently celebrated a unique gathering. Last month, instead of their usual venue at Weston's village hall, the club held a special meeting in a marquee at the renowned Weston Cross pub. The event was a roaring success, with attendance surpassing thirty enthusiasts from Weston and neighbouring areas.

The club's next rendezvous is slated for Friday, 25th August, 8 pm at the village hall. However, given the success of the recent gathering, the club is keen on collaborating with the Weston Cross pub for future meetings.

The folk club warmly invites all aficionados of folk music, be they performers or mere enthusiasts, to join their monthly gatherings. Entry to the Village Hall is free of charge. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own refreshments and partake in the jovial atmosphere.