STUART Wilson, credited with discovering the ‘lost city’ of Trellech, is teaching an adult community learning (ACL) class called ‘Discovering Landscape Archaeology’ at Wyedean School beginning this evening (Wednesday).

A spokesperson for the college said: “Stuart raised £40,000 in 2004 to buy a field in Trellech on the strength of nearby archaeological finds and has since dedicated much of his time to investigating the site. He has discovered evidence of a medieval city that could have been a quarter of the size of London.

“Around 1,000 people have joined Stuart in his quest for the lost city of Trellech, from archaeology students to curious locals and he is still making more discoveries. He is passionate about his subject and his expensive gamble has paid off: Stuart is now big news and has featured on TV programmes such as Time Team and Digging for Britain.

“He is passionate about his subject and very engaging. Students from last term’s course appreciate his knowledge and the fact that he is a practical archaeologist, bringing in finds like bone and pottery that they can hold and examine. It sparks intriguing discussions and discovery of the past.”

The course begins at 7pm. For more information, visit or ring 01291 625340.