Herefordshire is set to ‘charge ahead’ in the electric vehicle revolution, thanks to a successful bid for a share of the Government’s £39.3 million Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) scheme. The county will receive a significant £1.124 million to enhance its electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Thirteen Midlands councils, including Herefordshire, collaborated to secure this funding, with two major partnerships formed across the region. The initiative was in partnership with the Sub-national Transport Body, Midlands Connect.

Cllr Philip Price, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure, expressed his enthusiasm: “It is very exciting to think of the advancements to our electric vehicle infrastructure that will be made thanks to this funding. The more charging points that are available, the easier it will be for our residents, visitors and businesses to make the switch to electric vehicles.”

He further highlighted the council’s commitment to the environment, stating, “The council has pledged to reach carbon net zero by 2030 and improving our EV network is a huge part of that ambition.”

Midlands Connect’s analysis reveals the region requires 17,461 new public EV charging points by 2025 to cater to the burgeoning EV market. This funding is expected to accelerate the installation of these charging points across the Midlands.

Maria Machancoses, CEO of Midlands Connect, said: “We are delighted our bid to secure over £39 million for 13 councils across the Midlands has been successful. This will really help the region to charge ahead of the pack.”

The initiative is also projected to create over 42,000 jobs in the Midlands by 2032, related to the installation and maintenance of EV charging points.

Cllr Price concluded by inviting residents to participate in the initiative, saying, “Further development is still needed to determine how and where this funding will be invested, but residents can get involved by suggesting locations for new EV charge points via our website.”