Answering a from the Liberal Democrats, Jesse Norman, minister of state for the department for transport, confirmed that the government has confirmed the adoption of a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate for new cars and vans in the net zero strategy, which was released in October 2021. A public consultation launched in July 2021, followed by a policy design consultation in April 2022, allowed the government to engage further with the public and stakeholders before finalizing its full proposal, due to be published soon.

As the UK works to meet its net-zero emissions target, the proposed mandate is expected to drive the shift to cleaner transportation, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. The grace period, if approved, could ease the burden on automakers and help ensure a smooth transition to a cleaner, greener future. The proposal will be subject to further consultations, with the Department taking stakeholder views into account before the legislation is implemented next year.