Slow speed

Wednesday 14th August 2019 9:41 am

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I was really interested in the broadband services in the Forest of Dean which featured on the front page of the Review.

Ellwood and our property are considered ‘end of the line’ to the green box providing our internet at Milkwall.

This means our signal is rubbish and it also doesn’t help that it keeps dropping out.

For some reason Ellwood was by-passed when fibre was installed to Sling and Bream.

We have written to Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) Fastershire, Mark Harper, (many times I might add). Mark Harper last emailed back in 2017 telling us about the Conservative Party manifesto ensuring delivery by 2020.

Gigaclear who GCC awarded the contract to for the faster broadband in the Forest, told us there would be meetings in this area in October 2018 to explain the costs and installation process which would start in May 2019.

In October 2018 I asked Gigaclear again for an update which they e-mailed back saying they are still designing the fibre network for the area and no dates are confirmed for completion.

Since then no further communication.

A short time ago we tried to get hold of someone from all three sectors and once again no one responded.

I would really love our MP to do something about this.

Even a reply would be good Mark Harper as the manifesto for delivery by 2020 is fast approaching. – Jane Lloyd, Ellwood.


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