Top cop faces misconduct hearing

By Mark Elson   |   Senior Reporter   |
Wednesday 28th November 2018 10:19 am
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A FORMER Forest police chief is facing a five-day police misconduct hearing this week.

Former Inspector Calvin Owen, who was based in the Forest from 2011, faces four allegations in front of a disciplinary panel in Gloucester, dating back to 2015.

Gloucestershire Police firstly allege: “Inspector Owen was the Duty Inspector responsible for conducting Section 40 PACE Reviews on detainees. It is alleged that Inspector Owen failed to conduct any, or any adequate, reviews.”

Secondly, he allegedly “used the log in details and password of another officer” to access the custody electronic detention log and “reset the custody detention clock for detainees.”

The force claims that he thereby avoided having to contact the custody suite or the custody sergeant and explain why he had not conducted reviews. Both allegations, if proven, amount to gross misconduct.

Thirdly it is alleged that: “Inspector Owen provided his Gloucestershire Constabulary secure ‘pnn’ email address to commercial organisations.”

And fourthly. it is claimed that: “Inspector Owen whilst on duty, used the Force Computer System to access the internet for personal reasons.”

A hearing in April heard that Inspector Owen could lose £120,000 in pension payments if he is found guilty of misconduct.


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