ON a visit to Christchurch camp last week, one of many over the years, we were extremely surprised to see workmen installing a large number of new large fluorescent metal road signs at the crossroads to the camp site.

They were replacing a single signpost (most adequate) with many signs all giving similar information within a few feet of one another. By the end of the day on our return from visiting friends, we counted a total of 14 metal signs on the crossroads which are not only confusing but also somewhat unsightly.

The reason I am motivated enough to write this is because the Forest is such a beautiful place, and Christchurch in particular a largely unspoilt village with its traditional church and thankfully its old style red phone box.

I am hoping that if local residents read this they will complain sufficiently to whoever, such that people will take notice (excuse the pun). I would add that as visitors to the area over many years we have never got lost despite the lack of 14 glowing signs as we wisely invested in a local map.

Please look after your local area and retain its charm and beauty. – P.G. Walker, West Byfleet, Surrey.