RESULTS from Monmouth Bridge Club last week as follows.

Monday May 1 North/South 1 Jon Dullforce and Nigel Saunders 2 Richard Brierly and Paul Williams 3 Tim Coombs and Robin Pittson.

East/west 1 Michael Owen and Val Conniff 2 Andrew Hancock and John Coombe 3 Terry Hill and Richard Miles.

Wed May 3 No fear bridge North/South 1 Joan Rowlands and Jon Dullforce 2 Jane Washer and Glenys Biggs 3 Sue and Jeff Goodlass.

East/West 1 Sheila Nechvatal and Terry Hill 2 Richard Brierly and Ros Walker 3 Mike and Lorraine Taylor.

Thursday May 4 1 Richard Brierly and Nigel Saunders 2 Tony Harris and Paul Williams 3 Terry Hill and Richard Miles.