Successful Coleford and Blakeney cheerleaders Ruby Arnott and Kayla MacBryde have once again brought home gold medals from two top competitions - the recent Espn cheerleading championship in Orlando and last weekend’s British All-Star Nationals  held at Telford.

Ruby from Coleford and Kayla from Blakeney  have just come back from Orlando bringing history back to the home for winning the under 16 level 3 cheerleading summits championship with their team Icons .

“This was a dream come true for Gymfinity cheerleading club and the girls on Icons,” said Kayla’s proud father Adrian.

“ We went there with a goal but to actually achieve it was amazing and seeing the faces of coaches and the cheerleaders as they cried with joy was wonderful,” he said.

“ We trained hard at two gyms in Orlando as well as at the sports field at the all-star sports hotel in Orlando for four days before hitting the floor for the semi-finals on day two where we won a place in the finals where we won the gold 

“ The summits ring is what every cheerleader dreams of and to win this is just amazing,” he added.

Summits ring
The summits ring (supplied)

Kayla was also representing England in adaptive abilities cheerleading and brought back the silver medal for England 

At the all-stars national championships in Telford the girls and also brought back two gold  places for their team Icons and their second team Lady Rouge 

Ruby Arnott’s sister Isabelle and her team-mates Lady Rouge also brought back gold on the level 4 senior division.

“We would like to thank Gymfinity and their coaches for all their hard work and dedication for believing in us, without them this would not have happened and their passion for cheerleading is surreal,” said Adrian.