EXTENSIVE works to repair a landslip at Kerne Bridge will see the main road from the Forest to Ross closed in daytime, for around seven weeks.

The closure, which is to repair damage at Kerne Lodge, half a mile from Kerne Bridge and the Inn On The Wye, will see the B4234 closed from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, starting from next Monday (July 14).

George Smith, managing director of Walford Timber told the Review: "The landslip happened around 18 months ago, and we have been waiting since then to hear when they intend to repair it.

"The announcement, at very short notice, of the day closures, and suggested sporadic night closures too, is concerning for us. We rely on road transport to bring in our raw materials, and to take out our finished products. We are also worried about the impact on our many customers for raw materials and products within the local area."

He continued: "To offset at least some of the concerns our customers may have, we are bringing in free delivery on all our items during the period that the traffic restrictions are in place, for customers within 20 mile radius of Walford. There would normally be a minimum spend before free delivery is available, but we are waiving this for the duration."

Potential routes for the large lorries which collect and deliver from the sawmills include their turning left from Gloucester Road towards Walford, from the centre of Ross-on-Wye, or through the lanes over Howle Hill and through Coughton.

The work to repair the road and landslip is to be carried out by the M F Freeman company, who, coincidentally, have an interest in The Mill Race pub in Walford.

Signs informing drivers about the closure went up on Tuesday of this week.

Nick Thomas, contracts manager at M F Freeman, told the Review: "I can confirm the times and days for the road closure as being as you have reported. We have allowed seven weeks for the work, but with a landslip it can be hard to quantify what will be found once the material is removed. However, our works there have been planned, and we are not anticipating problems."