LOCALS are being encouraged to reduce the amount of plastic they use over the festive period.

Gloucestershire Recycles, which represents the county council and district authorities, is aiming to show people that they can help the environment as well as save money with their ‘plastic-free festivities’ campaign.

It will focus on plastic reduction, as using less plastic is “even better for the environment than recycling”, the campaign says . 

“Using less plastic means a reduction in energy use, water consumption and carbon emissions, as they all feature in the production process for plastics. 

“The quality of plastics also reduces each time they are recycled so they can’t be endlessly recycled, whereas alternatives like metal and glass can be recycled indefinitely.”

Residents will be provided with information, ideas and top tips for reducing plastic over the festive period through three main themes of decorations, food and gifts.

The advice includes which materials are best to use for wrapping, how to avoid food waste by cooking with leftovers, and buying food without plastic packaging.