A COUPLE have offered a £50 reward for the return of their African grey parrot after it flew out of the door of their English Bicknor home and disappeared.

Owner Graham Williams said: "He’s called Leo and we really want to get him back. He’s never done anything like this before."

The talkative two-and-a-half year old bird is grey in colour with a red tail and is similar in size to a pigeon.

Mr Williams, who lives on the main road near the village hall with wife Dawn, added: "We came in about 1.30pm yesterday (Tuesday, April 4) and he jumped on my shoulder and then shot out of the door into the car port. He then landed on a tree before flying off. We’ve looked everywhere, in fields and woods, but no sign."

"He can say lots of things including our phone number 861159, so if anyone sees him, please let us know. Other words he says include ’breakfast, dinner and tea’, toast and ’what you doing?’.

Wife Dawn said: "Leo means a lot to us and we’re desperate to get him back. We’ve already put up posters around the village and at Berry Hill Post Office, so please get in touch of you spot him."