IT’S a case of green for go on the Severn Bridge after the end of the tolls – with residents urged to recycle their electronic crossing TAGs at the kerbside.

The eco-friendly sch- eme encourages motorists in the Forest of Dean to put their TAGs out in a carrier bag beside their bin on rubbish collection day.

Cllr Chris McFarling, Forest Council Cabinet member for environment, said: “To recycle your old Severn Bridge tags put them in a standard supermarket carrier bag or smaller and leave it on top of your wheeled black bin on your refuse collection day.”

Examples of other small electrical and electronic items that can be recycled in the same way at the kerbside include hairdryers, mobile phones, irons, DVD players, torches, fans and household batteries.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) often contain hazardous substances that need to be managed properly to stop them ending up in the food chain, while some items also contain finite metals which need to be recovered.   

The Forest Council operates a fortnightly recycling collection service for small waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Cllr Sue Coakley, chair of the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee, said: “A quick way to check if your item is classed as a WEEE device is to look for the symbol of a crossed-through wheeled bin on the appliance or its packaging.

“You can also check how your item is powered – if it uses a plug, a charger, solar, replacement or a non-replacement internal battery it should be classed as WEEE and recycled.”

Only small WEEE items are accepted at the kerbside for recycling in the district, and items must be bagged in order for them to be collected.