Students at John Kyrle High School have been recognised for their exceptional performances in the UK Maths Challenge, a rigorous problem-solving competition involving over 700,000 participants nationwide. This marks the school’s first participation since the Covid pandemic, and the students’ success is drawing significant attention.

A notable achievement came from Ben Jones, a student who not only earned a Gold Award but was also invited to tackle further national-level problem-solving challenges. As seen in the group photo, with Ben standing in the centre, he earned a merit for this additional challenge. The school expressed immense pride in his accomplishments, making his achievements the highlight of this year’s participation.

However, Ben wasn’t the only student shining brightly at John Kyrle. A total of 62 Year 11 students entered the competition, with 37 securing awards for their efforts.; congratulations for the 25 students who achieved a Bronze Award.

Special applause should be extended to the school’s runner up, Ellie Meek, and those who secured a Silver Award, namely Beatrise Zuka, Elektra Tyack, Grace Lerego, Ivy Jensen, Rhys Clarkson, Nayana Bundy, Ellie Stevens, Ethan Howells, Jeremy Maxwell, and Violet Hill. Their achievement further attests to the mathematical prowess on display at the school.

The outstanding performance from the students at John Kyrle High School in this competition reflects not only their individual abilities but also the quality of education at the school. Their success is an indicator of the students’ resilience, as they managed to excel amidst the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic.

The school extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participating students for their commendable work. Their achievements in the UK Maths Challenge speak volumes about their dedication, problem-solving skills, and the potential they hold for future academic successes.