PRIDE hosts tie-dye party for mindfulness and fun after-school session.

It was a vibrant and colourful event for the students who attended PRIDE’s after-school session this half-term. The event, aimed at promoting mindfulness and creativity, was all about tie-dyeing and the creation of unique and colourful designs.

Students started the session by breaking the ice with some drama games. Then, they were led to the textile area, where a tie-dye station was set up and ready to go. Mrs Taylor led the demonstration, and soon the students were off, using a rainbow of colours to create their masterpieces.

Despite a few dyed fingertips, the students had an enjoyable and creative time. To wrap up the session, the group enjoyed some calm colouring activities and indulged in some custard creams, while listening to chilled-out vibes.

The event was a success, thanks to the support of Mr Pritchard, Mrs K Davies, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Williams-Forse, and Mrs E Davies. PRIDE ambassadors Chris Astill and Lily Redding also played a significant role in planning and running the session.

PRIDE is excited to announce their upcoming event after half-term, Pebble Painting and Hiding. With PRIDE’s commitment to fun and mindfulness, it is sure to be another successful and enjoyable event for all those who attend.