After weeks of rigorous rehearsals and anticipation, the locally cherished Ross Choristers delivered an outstanding performance, delighting a packed audience with their multifaceted musical showcase.

The concert held at St Mary’s Church, a bastion of culture and history, reverberated with a harmonious blend of melodies, from a whimsical arrangement of ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ to the profound John Rutter composition, ‘The Music’s Always There’.

The programme embraced a selection of beloved tunes, such as ‘Unchained Melody’, ‘The Rose’ and ‘Are you Lonesome Tonight’. The crowd, in turn, responded enthusiastically, joining in the Old Tyme sing-a-long and imbuing the venue with their own unique contributions.

Undoubtedly, the night was punctuated with highlights, one of which included sublime solo performances from the choir’s own sopranos, Pat Hughes and Pat Williams, along with conductor Josie O’Driscoll. Their renditions of ‘Tonight’, ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs’, and ‘Cavatina’ respectively, offered a captivating blend of warmth, poignancy, and technical prowess.

In a delightful turn of events, the choir’s performance welcomed a guest soloist; a member’s visiting grand-daughter, Elizabeth, a recognised talent hailing from St Albans, added an extra touch of charm with her rendition of ‘Never Enough’ from the hit musical ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Members of the gratified audience left the venue clutching not only cherished musical memories but also the prizes from a well-supported raffle. More importantly, their collective contribution resulted in a substantial £1,400 for the Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine and St Mary’s Church.

The choir’s dedication was on full display, honing their performance with weekly rehearsals at the Ross Conservative Club, and consequently presenting a harmonious repertoire of solos, sing-a-longs, and popular songs.

Last year, the choir’s concert generated an impressive £3,000 for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, highlighting the power of music to evoke compassion and solidarity. They set a high bar with their exceptional solo and duet performances from the talented Josie O’Driscoll, Pat Williams, and Katie Brookes.