A new folk music club is set to kick off at Weston-under Penyard, backed by four folks music who have years of experience from across the country.

Terry Gibson, Tony Morris, and Alan and Eileen Hammond are cordially inviting everyone to come along for a musical night from 8pm until 10.30 for a delightful musical jaunt.

The team is excited to announce the opening of the new folk club. The very first meeting is to take place in Weston’s Village Hall at 8 pm on Friday, January 27 and everyone is invited to come along and enjoy themselves.

Subsequent meetings will be held on the last Friday in each month.

There is no entrance charge, although any kind donations to help cover the cost of hiring the village hall would be gratfully received, and all attendees should bring their own refreshments.

It should be stressed that there is no expectation that everyone attending will stand up and lead the company in a song—though anyone who wishes will be more than welcome to do so—as would anyone who plays an acoustic instrument such as the fiddle, concertina, mandolin, or anything else.

The sole purpose of these events is not to demonstrate musical prowess but simply to come together and join in the fun of folk music which has been with us for generations.