In an intriguing fusion of politics and literature, Ross’s MP, Jesse Norman, has been industriously juggling his parliamentary responsibilities alongside a hidden literary passion.

Over the last six years he has been quietly labouring on his debut novel, “The Winding Stair”.

Set to be published on the 1st of June, Mr Norman plunges readers into the dramatic world of Elizabethan and Jacobean England. It narrates the tale of two formidable figures from history, Edward Coke and Francis Bacon. Mr Norman’s narrative brings to life their fierce rivalry and unrelenting quest for power within the courts. While a significant portion of the story springs from Norman’s inventive storytelling, he emphasises that the majority is firmly rooted in historical truths.

The 17th century, as Norman depicts, was a tumultuous era. Its political landscape was rife with high-stakes machinations, its inhabitants were larger than life, and the plotting was ruthlessly devious and cut-throat.

Mr Norman will be hosting two local events to unveil his literary creation. The first is scheduled for the 28th of May in Hay-on-Wye, and the second will take place on the 29th of June in Ross-on-Wye. He warmly extends an invitation to his constituents to join him on these special occasions.

Mr Norman has pledged that all proceeds from the book will directly benefit NMITE, the local university initiative, by funding student bursaries and various other projects. It’s an endeavour that marries culture with community development.

The Winding Stair can be pre-ordered from Rossiter Books, Waterstones in Hereford, North Books in Hay, or online. Why not indulge in a historical narrative while contributing to a worthy cause?