A compelling film called "Any Of Us" is set to launch on 26 September, aimed at encouraging more people to consider becoming foster parents. The film is the result of a major collaboration between councils and children’s trusts across the country, featuring over 80 participants from Northumberland to Brighton and Liverpool to Kent.

Darryl Freeman, Corporate Director for Children and Young People, stated: "This project is about giving our fostering service a high-quality film that highlights the fact that anyone who cares has the potential to become a foster carer." The film intends to relay a universal message of the urgent need for more foster carers in every town, city, and county. Freeman added, "It’s all about giving children a chance to thrive and become the best person they can be."

The film follows three characters: Ayesha, who helps a pedestrian after a minor road accident; Neil, who diffuses an aggressive situation in a snooker club; and Marsha, who assists a distressed young person at school. Though from different backgrounds and situations, all three embody the caring attributes essential for fostering. The film unfolds to reveal that one of these three will become the foster parent to Chloe, a child in need, with their stories intertwined with her journey into foster care.

Project Director Rachel Brown, who managed the film through CAN Digital and Reel TwentyFive, said: "‘Any Of Us’ has been more ambitious in telling three different stories from diverse foster carers, based around them sharing their experiences with people considering fostering. We hope that this will mean that the film and its messaging will appeal to as wider audience as possible and encourage people to foster for their local authority."

Sarah Thomas, chief executive of the Fostering Network, emphasised the acute need for more foster homes, stating: "There’s currently a shortage of 6,000 fostering households in England, so films like this have a vital role to play in encouraging more people to become foster carers."

The national launch of "Any Of Us" is set for the Everyman cinema in Birmingham, and local launches by council fostering services across the country will follow. This film is the latest in a series that began in 2017 with "Giants", reflecting the growing need for foster carers in England.