The highly acclaimed Discovery Network show, "Salvage Hunters," is turning its lens towards the West Midlands for an upcoming special episode, and they're calling for locals to get involved. The show's producers are actively seeking diverse locations within our area to film and are encouraging anyone interested to get in touch.

Salvage Hunters is no small-time production. It has earned the title of Discovery Network’s most-watched programme, with viewership reaching over a million in the UK alone and millions more across Europe, Australia, and the USA. It's a grand chance for local businesses and homeowners to promote their premises and potentially earn some revenue, all while celebrating the rich heritage of the UK.

The show's premise revolves around decorative antiques expert Drew Pritchard, who embarks on a quest across various UK and international locations. His mission is to uncover and acquire unusual objects boasting intriguing histories. Pritchard's recent adventures have taken him to the likes of Baskerville Hall, Preston Court, and Lyde Court, among others.

Potential filming locations are not limited to stately homes or museums. Factories, schools, or even private collections at home are all fair game. The programme is fond of antiques, collectables, and decorative items in all conditions. Furniture, old signs, lighting fixtures, props, busts, art - if it's got a story, it's of interest.

So if you know of or own a location that may be a perfect fit for 'Salvage Hunters,' don't hesitate to reach out. Contact the production team at [email protected]. With your help, let's put the West Midlands on the map and highlight our region's unique history and charm.