Hereford has been identified as one of the top 20 clumsiest cities in the UK when it comes to handling handheld tech devices, according to a new study.

The ranking was compiled by analysing Google searches for device repairs across the nation, revealing a surge in tech problems at the start of April each year, with demand for repairs rising by 24% over the Easter break.

During this high-risk period, Hereford ranked 13th among the 62 cities analysed, with mobile phones accounting for the majority of the broken tech. Common issues included smashed screens, water damage, apps crashing, and batteries not holding charge. These repair costs can add up quickly, with an average phone repair setting residents back £140, laptop repairs at £105, and tablet fixes costing around £135.

The top five cities with the highest rate of device breakages were Norwich, Lincoln, Wrexham, Inverness, and Bath. On the other end of the scale, Wakefield, Newport, Bradford, Lancaster, and Derry reported the fewest problems with their devices.

With the Easter break being a particularly vulnerable time for handheld tech, a Getac spokesperson advised Hereford residents to be extra vigilant and prioritise device safety and security during this period to avoid costly repairs.

The study conducted by Getac also highlighted some common reasons behind device breakages. Smashed screens and glitches emerged as the top issues, accounting for 17% of reported problems, followed by dying batteries or charging difficulties (17%), and faulty USB ports (8%). Other frequent issues included hardware configuration problems, performance issues related to capacity or lagging, and software complications.

The Getac spokesperson emphasised the importance of device maintenance and care, especially during high-risk periods like the Easter break. "Although some issues can't be avoided, it's good for people to be particularly conscious as to when their devices are most likely to break, as it'll keep safety and security at the forefront of their minds as they're out and about - or when planning an Easter weekend break," they said.

For Hereford residents looking to minimise device breakages and costly repairs, simple steps such as investing in protective cases, avoiding extreme temperatures, and handling devices with care can help to reduce the risk of damage. Furthermore, keeping devices updated with the latest software and performing regular backups can ensure that data remains secure, even in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

Ultimately, being aware of the heightened risk of device breakages during the Easter break can help residents of Hereford and other cities in the top 20 list to be more vigilant and take preventive measures, ultimately saving time, money, and frustration.