A DAY of activities was held to raise awareness of the many groups and individuals in the Forest that are on hand to help people with dementia and their carers.

The event was organised by Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) for the Forest and was held at Berry Hill Rugby Club.

Lena Maller, of the DAA, said: “The alliance is a partnership of 82 groups and individuals who all come together to raise awareness of dementia and to try and make a difference.”

There were several dementia-friendly activities, as well as attractions such as police dogs and horses and circus skills by Cinderford- based Artspace.

There was also a quiet space for one-to-one sessions, ‘singing for the brain’ taster sessions and inclusive cycling.

The Berry Hill-based charity group The Kitcheners provided hot food.

Ms Maller said: “It was a way of bringing people together and it was very successful.

“We had St Stephen’s Church in Cinderford talking about how they support the congregation as well as Crossroads Care, The Dilke and Lydney hospitals and community well-being.

“It was an event for people living with dementia and their carers and we had a higher number of people come along,” she said.

“There is a lot going on in the community and we wanted to raise awareness of that.”