FOREST tour guide Geoff Purrier is incensed by plans to set up a 20-metre Tetra aerial at the bottom of his garden in Lydbrook.

And it is not just his own view that he and fellow villagers are upset about – it's an outlook described by famed Victorian travel writer William Gilpin as "the finest between Ross and Monmouth".

"This is in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with a 100-year-old dram road passing 30ft away, a 300-year-old oak 25ft away and an 1879 chapel nearby," said Mr Purrier, who lives at Archways perched above the lower village.

"It is one of the best views in the country from the old railway at the top of the 118 steps. It's not just locals who use it – although it is used by them a lot – but it is very popular with walkers.

"I also see from the plans that they intend to bring the equipment down my track, over which I have right of way, so what will that do to my access? And how can I sell my house with a great aerial at the bottom of my garden?"

Several villagers have joined Mr Purrier in protesting about the mast, writing to district council planners. The item comes up for discussion in April.

•Medlock Communications has appealed against decisions to throw out plans for the controversial Tetra emergency service masts at Lydney Telephone Exchange and St Briavels.

Now campaigners are worried that if the appeals are upheld it will make it far more unlikely that councils will be able to halt a mountain of Tetra mast applications waiting in the wings.