The cost of fuel has seen a whopping downward trend this summer, and Wales has seen the second quickest fuel price recovery in the UK so far in 2023 - with Gwynedd leading the Welsh with a decrease of 13.43%.

However, statistics show that Monmouthshire has experienced the slowest recovery in fuel prices in Wales.

Having left 2022 with an average of 186.14 PPL, Monmouthshire’s fuel prices have been the slowest to return to pre-surge levels, with a decrease of just 11.17% so far this year. 

One frustrated local expressed his dismay over petrol prices in Abergavenny, saying: “@Esso_GB @Morrisons @RishiSunak 7p rise in petrol overnight Abergavenny today ‘rip off!’ Oil company’s and now supermarkets.”

According to, Ascona on Brecon Road currently offers the best deal with standard diesel lowered to 149.9p a litre and unleaded petrol 139.9p a litre.  

Jonathan Merry, Personal Finance Expert and CEO at offered his tips on finding the cheapest fuel, encouraging locals to:

Fill up in off peak hours; opting for weekdays or non-peak hours to fill up can often secure more favourable prices. 

Download fuel comparison apps, which can provide real-time updates on fuel pricing in your area.

Consider joining fuel station loyalty programs. 

Keep an eye on fuel pricing in your area; local prices are varying a lot at the moment, factors like competition, refinery proximity, and transportation costs can influence fuel prices significantly.