If there is one thing that Richard Hammond is famous for, it's his numerous crashes. The former Top Gear presenter has crashed dozens of cars on camera, and now he's shared some of those moments with the world in a new video.

Hammond takes viewers through some of his most memorable crashes. He starts by introducing the video from his "office" at the smallest cog and goes on to say that he's been asked to share his feelings on some videos.

The first video shows Hammond on a motorbike in Mozambique, followed by a propeller-driven car, a truck in Burma, and a 1929 BMW R52. He then takes viewers through crashes involving remote control cars, boats, and a taxi in Bolivia.

Hammond's crashes have become a sort of running joke for fans of the presenter. However, he is quick to point out that crashing is not something to be celebrated. He admits that he has had a few injuries as a result of his crashes, including a broken leg and brain injury.

Overall, Hammond's new video is a fun look at some of his most memorable moments behind the wheel. While he may have crashed more cars than most people have driven, he's still here to tell the tale.