THE former mayor of Chepstow has been elected to the role in Monmouth for the next 12 months.

At Monmouth Town Council’s Annual General Meeting on Monday night (May 15), the meeting began with a prayer by the outgoing Mayor’s Chaplain, Rev Jonathan Greaves, who gave a blessing and said it had been an honour to serve as chaplain for the past 12 months. Cllr Alice Fletcher, the outgoing mayor, thanked everyone for the “patience and support” she was given over the past year and thanked Cllr Tom Kirton and Cllr David Evans for stepping in for her engagements when required.

“It was a big learning curve for me but I really enjoyed it,” she added.

Nominations for the next chairman of the council, who would become mayor, were received. Councillor Kirton was nominated by Cllr David Evans and seconded by Cllr Jackie Atkin, with no other nominations forthcoming, Cllr Kirton was duly nominated chair for 2023/2024.

He and Cllr Fletcher left the room with mace bearers Caroline Bright and John Moylett and the handing over of the robes continued in the Mayor’s Parlour.

On returning, Cllr David Evans, Welsh Labour, was elected Deputy Mayor, nominated by Cllr Jem Jenkins-Jones and seconded by Cllr Atkins .

Tom Kirton was a mayor in Chepstow for three years from 2019 to 2022 and a town councillor in Chepstow for 15 years serving the Thornwell Ward. He now sits in the Dingestow Ward of Mitchel Troy Community Council and also the Overmonnow Ward for Monmouth Town Council on a Welsh Labour ticket.

One of his stated aims as mayor of Chepstow when elected in 2019 was to bring more environmental and well-being goals to fruition “and make Chepstow a green and environmentally friendly place to be”.

He worked with their Community Projects Officer to reintroduce water fountains to the town.

His consort will be his partner, Claire Watson.