A towering Lawson Cypress that has stood guard at Chasewood Lodge on Walford Road, Ross-On-Wye, may soon be facing the chop. This is not due to any whimsical or arbitrary decision, but rather to promote the health of the garden ecosystem and protect local infrastructure.

The tree, situated to the left of the drive entrance of Chasewood Lodge, has grown too large for the garden and is now beginning to overshadow the adjacent hedge and threaten a nearby wall with its sprawling roots. This has led to a planning application to remove the offending tree completely - felling it to the ground and grinding its stump to a pulp. The application, number P231824/K, is currently marked as valid.

It's not all doom and gloom for local flora enthusiasts, though. The tree's owner promises to replace it with a native species better suited to the environment. The end goal is to maintain the lush greenery of the area without compromising the neighbouring plants or structures.

Chapel Tree Services, based at Alton Court Farm on Penyard Lane, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire, is the agent handling this case. It is the same organisation that will oversee the removal of the Cypress, should the application pass.