In a move towards greener aviation, the UK government has announced plans to introduce a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) mandate from 2025, requiring at least 10 per cent of UK aviation fuel to be produced from sustainable sources by 2030. Jesse Norman, Minister of State for Transport, shared this exciting news in response to a question posed by Charlotte Nichols, Labour MP for Warrington North.

As demand for SAF increases, the government expects production costs to decrease, making it more accessible for the aviation industry. To support this initiative, the government has launched the second application window for the £165 million Advanced Fuels Fund competition, aimed at kickstarting a UK SAF industry. This effort comes on the heels of the government's second consultation on the details of the SAF mandate, which was published in April 2023.

A report by Philip New on supporting investment in a UK SAF industry was published in April 2023, along with the government's response. The government is now actively working with industry stakeholders to explore options for additional revenue certainty, with the aim of accelerating the growth of the UK SAF industry.

This initiative marks a significant step towards reducing the environmental impact of aviation and fostering a more sustainable future for the industry. As the UK moves towards a greener future, the SAF mandate is poised to play a crucial role in the country's fight against climate change.