Ross-on-Wye is abuzz with anticipation, as it gears up to host the inaugural Children’s Book Festival for the first time in the town’s history. This literary celebration, set to spark young imaginations, is arranged over two days, the final day of June and the first of July. The impending festival is the fruit of collaborative effort from Ross Library, the Ross Library Development Group, and the Community Garden.

One of the main attractions of the event is a writing contest designed for local schools, aiming to ignite a burst of creativity among young attendees. The entries, a colourful tapestry woven from youthful thoughts and ideas, will be showcased in Ross Library, offering an extra dimension of enchantment to the festival. Furthermore, a trail featuring beloved book characters will weave its path through the shops of Ross, transforming the town into a vibrant, life-sized storybook for children to explore and enjoy.

Tim Shelley, a dedicated member of the festival’s steering group, shared the team’s collective anticipation, saying that they eagerly look forward to the weekend and that it’s set to be a memorable occasion that will inspire younger visitors to engage in reading and writing. The team also extended sincere thanks to Ross Town Council and the Ross Library Development Group for their considerable support in making the festival possible.

The Children’s Book Festival warmly invites everyone with an appreciation for literature and youthful creativity to participate.

For more information about this captivating journey into the world of words, fantasy, and imagination, you can visit the festival’s Facebook page or contact Tim Shelley directly at [email protected].